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The Boulder City Council has proposed three items for its second round of CARES Act funding. 

The Council met March 3 to consider how the $127,299 would be spent, and the three items proposed were additional personal protective equipment (PPE) for the city’s emergency service workers and volunteers; purchasing materials to create a safety barrier for the city clerk’s office; and equipment to create a system for virtual meetings in the City Hall conference room. 

The items will be included on the March 15 Council agenda. 

Federal CARES Act funding is restricted to necessary expenditures due to the pandemic through Dec. 31, 2021. 

Council member Michael “Bear” Taylor suggested installing “dutch doors” for the clerk’s office as a way to protect against the spread of COVID-19. 

A “dutch door” is a door divided horizontally, which allows the bottom portion to remain closed but the upper portion to be open. 

Also suggested was the use of plexiglass to further enhance the safety component. 

Council President Drew Dawson has been pushing for something similar to a “Zoom Room,” where a screen and sound equipment can be installed to allow the public to attend meetings virtually. 

Currently, the Council has a telephone call in option, but it lacks a video component. 

An official “Zoom Room” is a system licensed through Zoom, but remote meetings are not limited to that company. 

Jefferson County has a similar set-up for Commission meetings, and it is also working on a system at Volunteer Hall at the fairgrounds, according to Event Coordinator Bruce Binkowski. 

Currently there is a small computer screen that can be used for remote gatherings, but when it is finished, the room will have a 65-inch screen with remote capabilities, said Binkowski. 

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