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The Boulder City Council unanimously passed the Community Decay, Beautification and Upkeep ordinance at its Aug. 17 meeting  — a tool that now provides a legal framework to enforce certain aesthetic standards in the city.

The ordinance addresses the accumulation of items on residential property, dumping items in waterways, weeds, grass and other vegetation, sidewalk obstructions and specifics on shielding materials determined to be a public nuisance. 

The city police, working off a required two written complaints, can begin investigating whether or not a violation has occurred, and based on those findings, proceed with enforcement, according to the ordinance. 

The ordinance, which repeals prior ordinances dealing with junk vehicles, debris and vegetation, has been in the works since last year and becomes effective 30 days after its passage Aug. 17. 

The City Council also approved a proposal by J Bar T Engineers LLC of Helena to conduct a survey of the Boulder Cemetery at a cost of $7,231. 

Some of the plots in the cemetery are more than 100 years old, and the survey will be used to accurately assess plot locations and boundaries, according to the proposal. The goal is to provide the city with an accurate cemetery map, according to the proposal. Included in the project is examining all documentation concerning the cemetery, surveying all corner locations and improvements, such as headstones, and creating a drawing of the property, according to the proposal. 

Other items considered by the City Council included:

•The Council tabled establishing hours for the new public restrooms until staff can incorporate proper COVID-19 cleaning protocols into the operation and maintenance of the facility. A possible fee for use of the restrooms by large groups was also discussed. 

•The City Council adopted its certified mill levy for fiscal 2021 at 188.06 mills, with the taxable value per mil at $1,122.694. This compares to the current fiscal year, where the certified mill levy was 183.69 with the taxable value per mil at $1,106.975

The total amount of mills to be levied for fiscal 2021, which includes 5 exempt mills for the pool, is 193.06. 

A public hearing on the proposed fiscal 2021 budget is set for Sept. 1, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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