At the Dec. 16 meeting of the Boulder City Council:

  • It was agreed to place on the next meeting’s agenda a discussion to address residents’ concerns about the Main Street medians.
  • Tom Harrington of Jefferson Local Development Corporation said that a “soft launch” of the new City of Boulder website would happen in January.
  • Councilors accepted the following high bids for salvage City property put up for auction: $800 from Perry Lepley for a 2000 Chevrolet Impala; $25 from Leonard Wortman for a windmill siren structure; $25 from Leonard Wortman for a three-phase siren, Motorola VHF receiver and Dunn Communications controller; $2,020 from Bill Crenshaw for a 1966 Chevrolet 500-gallon pump truck.
  • Councilors voted to refer to the County Sanitarian and fire marshal a complaint concerning a property at 403 N. Washington St. and requested a follow-up report.
  • Councilors approved increasing from $5,000 to $7,500 the amount of grant funds available from the City’s Facade Improvement Program. The funds require applicants to provide 100% in matching funds.
  • Councilors approved an agreement between the City of Boulder and Jefferson High School District No. 1 to provide the district with the services of a student resource officer. The terms of the contract are for one hour a day, four days a week for $5,000 a year. A Boulder police officer will fulfil the duties.
  • Councilors approved paying $937.50 to R.S. Giulio, Contractor, for repairing a damaged City-owned sewer line discovered while replacing a private line. In doing so councilors agreed that the repair and payment did not represent a conflict of interest on the part of Mayor Rusty Giulio, the contractor.
  • Mayor Rusty Giulio swore in councilors Michael “Bear” Taylor and Gyle Nix, both for the term of Jan. 1, 2020 through Dec. 31, 2023. Both councilors had been serving on the council as appointed members.
  • Councilors approved two items prepared and recommended by the City’s marketing committee: a use agreement for the City logo created and approved earlier in the year, and an action plan for the marketing committee itself. The logo use agreement, committee co-chair Jan Anderson explained to the City Council, is intended to regulate and track use of the Boulder logo, while the marketing plan outlines upcoming work the committee will perform to promote Boulder in accordance with recommendations provided earlier in the year by Windfall, the agency that also designed the Boulder logo. Council President Drew Dawson also moved that the City copyright the logo, a motion that was approved unanimously.

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