At its Oct. 21 meeting, the Boulder City Council:

  • Waived the second reading of and approved Ordinance 2019-02, which amends City Code Section Chapter 1.02 to update descriptions of the city’s wards.
  • Denied a request for reimbursement of sewer repair by Don and Katherine Judge.
  • Approved two items related to a seasonal part-time pool manager position: the job description and a pay rate of $13 per hour. The position will be advertised beginning in November so that the new employee can start working on policies and procedures and to prevent a “last minute rush in May or June” to fill the role, council member Drew Dawson said. He also noted that the position would go from year to year for continuity and to allow the person to work as needed during the year.   
  • Approved two items related to short-term, part-time lifeguard positions: the job description and a pay rate of $9 per hour. Short term indicates that employees cannot work for more than 90 days in a 12-month period.
  • Approved two items related to a short-term, part-time assistant pool manager position: the job description and a pay rate of $10 per hour.
  • Approved three items related to a part-time public works position: the job description, advertising internally to fill it, and a pay rate of $18 per hour.
  • Approved adopting the Emergency Operations Plan developed by the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management. 
  • Approved establishing a Cemetery Advisory Committee and appointing to it Rhonda Craft, Patricia Lewis, Ellen Rae Thiel, Sallie Buckles and one council member -- Gyle Nix volunteered -- for three-year terms. 
  • Approved having Jefferson Local Development Corporation apply for two $4,000 grants from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to install two electric vehicle charging stations -- one for Teslas, one for other electric vehicles -- at a to-be-determined downtown location. The grants require a 10% match, which can be in the form of land rather than dollars, said JLDC co-manager Tom Harrington. Noting that people who own electric vehicles plan long-distance trips according to where charging stations are located, Harrington said that Boulder’s location between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks makes it a viable location.       
  • Approved the design of two gateway signs made of steel to be placed at the north and south ends of Boulder. 
  • Approved Stahly Engineering and Associates of Helena as the contractor to produce a conceptual trail master plan and feasibility study for the Boulder River Trail project, one of the projects to be paid for through the Boulder Development Fund.
  • Approved expanding eligibility for the Facade Improvements Program to include homeowners, Jefferson High School and other Boulder Main Street entities not holding a business license.
  • Approved applying for a USDA grants and loans program to potentially fund the planned expansion of Boulder City Hall. Tom Harrington, co-manager of Jefferson Local Development Corporation, described it as a “kind of a backup plan” in case a previously applied for Delivering Local Assistance grant falls through and still a potential opportunity if that grant is approved. Unlike the DLA grant, proceeds from the USDA program could also be applied toward construction of an animal shelter and a new fire hall, Harrington said.
  • Moved to the next meeting discussion of relocating the RV dump station from aside City Hall to another location.


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