The newly appointed Basin Water and Sewer District Board of Directors moved on June 8 to loosen lawn-watering restrictions for the summer months. A proposed ordinance would allow residents with odd house numbers to water only on odd-numbered days and those in even-numbered houses could water only on even days, but there would be no restrictions on the time of day residents could water their lawns.

The proposed ordinance would replace a similar address- and date-based regulation that did not permit watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Board President Jason Norman said that many Basin residents have different work hours and that it does not make sense to have restrictions on what time of day residents are allowed to water. However, Norman suggested the board keep the odd-and-even day restrictions to prevent the town's water pumps from "burning up" if water demand exceeds pump capacity.

Board member DeDe Rhodes explained that the water in Basin comes from two wells that are close to each other. Rhodes said that if too many Basin residents were to water their lawns at the same time, the pumps might draw more water than they could handle. 

According to Rhodes, the new restrictions could go into effect next month after Basin residents have been notified and given an opportunity to comment at a public hearing. 

Several community members who attended the meeting shared that they had never followed the water restrictions, raising concerns about enforcement. Board members agreed that enforcement of the new restrictions would be difficult. Rhodes said that the board would look at the previous board’s ordinances to understand their enforcement and would then "go from there."

Rhodes said that Basin residents who wish to water their lawns on days other than what is permitted should submit a request to the board. 

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