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A rescued puppy sleeps in the back seat of a car after it was found near Galena Gulch outside Boulder on Aug. 26. 

Eight dogs believed to have been abandoned near Galena Gulch between Boulder and Basin have been rescued by the Lewis & Clark Humane Society, with assistance from the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and local volunteers. 

The Sheriff's Office said on Monday that an investigation was ongoing. On Tuesday morning, Cassidy Cook, the director of development and communications for the Humane Society, said that she couldn't comment on how or why the dogs were abandoned, or who abandoned them, because "it is an ongoing criminal investigation ... We do know for a fact that they were abandoned." 

According to an Aug. 27 Facebook post from the Humane Society, the organization was alerted by the Sheriff's Office on Aug. 26 that "multiple young hound dogs were found running loose in the mountains around Boulder," and that "it was determined that these dogs had been dumped and there was a possibility that many more were lost and in distress." 

Humane Society staffers "spent hours climbing through difficult brush, and driving up and down looking for these poor dogs." By Aug. 27, searchers had rescued six "sweet and adorable hounds," including one puppy that was hoisted out of a ravine. 

"You could see in her eyes she was grateful to finally be safe," the organization wrote. 

Within a few days, two more dogs were found, bringing the total to eight. Cook said that Humane Society staffers found some of the dogs and volunteer searchers found others, which were then handed-off to the Humane Society. All of the rescued dogs were in the "general" area of Galena Gulch, she said. 

The post stated that the dogs received medical care for minor injuries but were otherwise healthy.

Cook wasn't sure on Tuesday when the "Boulder hounds" would be available for adoption, but that "they're in great shape, they're happy as clams and we have an overwhelming amount of adoption applications for them. Last time I checked, we had close to 40."

But there may be one more still out in the mountains, Cook said, though the organization is unsure. 

"There have been reports ... that there was one more spotted."

Anyone who spots a lost dog can call the Sheriff's Office at (406) 225-4075. 

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