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Harley Bailey

“I try not to worry too much about my school work,” says Harley Bailey. “I worry about it enough to make it a priority, but I think my bigger priorities are making sure that I’m having fun.” 

Bailey is an extremely energetic and enthusiastic person. She did well academically while still having fun and making the people around her laugh. She constantly has a smile on her face, and she brings positivity to everyone she is around. “I also really liked being a part of so many clubs and trying to help the community become stronger,” she says. Bailey was a part of the junior DUI task force, as well as vice president of the National Honor Society. She volunteered in many services to improve the community, such as highway cleanups and town cleanups. 

Bailey has lived in Boulder since she was little. Her parents are divorced, but she enjoys both of their homes: Helena is bigger, while Boulder is a smaller town, and she likes being a part of both communities. 

Everyone in Boulder already knew her dad, John Bailey, a mason who did a lot of brick and stonework; and her grandma, Donna, who used to work at the Boulder Hot Springs and was a familiar face around town.

“It was nice to have some connections,” Harley Bailey said. 

She has enjoyed the summer programs and knowing the people here. 

During this school year, Harley worked at the Boulder Hot Springs. Thanks to Jefferson’s block schedule, she only had to go to school on Mondays and Wednesdays, freeing her up for work. 

Harley stood out academically and musically. She played the alto saxophone in the school band and hopes to play for the jazz band at Montana State University Billings, where she will be attending college. Whether or not she continues playing after college depends on what she decides to major in. 

She has considered criminology or forensics, but science has never been a strong suit. She also thought about architecture or music but does not know what she truly wants to do. In her first year, she plans to pursue general education. 

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