Teacher Kelsey Voeller asked her students to read Sylvia Plath’s poem “Lady Lazarus,” highlight powerful words and use three of them in a positive poem. She shared the following with The Monitor.


Number 1

It was an accident

She burned my heart out of love

She manages to make us vanish and feel like we are alone

Number 2

I am amused by her beauty

Number 3

It’s a miracle but at first

It was just an accident

- Matthew Travis

It’s a Miracle

I’m done

It’s a miracle

I made a comeback

I have a changed heart.

Now I’m smiling when I look at rocked seashells

It’s a miracle that people don’t underestimate me anymore.

- Andrew Tillery

Heart of Gold

Again the enemy is not made of ash and hell,

It is made up of a heart of gold.

This flesh and bone a theatrical art.

The pearls are a paperweight on me.

- Anonymous

I Am Not These Things

They call me Brute

The Enemy


They call me Pure

The golden baby

A Miracle

I am not these things

I am skin and bones

I am a joke

So I laugh at them

Cause I am just me

- David Spencer

Miracle to Vanish

Again I am meant to vanish

A miracle of scars, blood, and hair

I am skin and bone opus, to burn

With nine times to die I choose to live

Not by accident

I was the paperweight

Holding my life together with a string of pearls

It felt like hell but yet I am a miracle

And a miracle survives

Even if Lucifer himself tries to take it by his own will

- Gracie Olds

My Power

Again a walking miracle

My featureless enemy

Will vanish

I rise with power,

I finally feel real

- Sam Zody

My Golden Heart

I again

Featureless, and underestimates

Tease at the idea of a heart

My heart of pure gold

Underestimated and free as the air

- Anonymous

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