Dan Johnson

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to those of you who may not already know me in Jefferson County.  My name is Dan Johnson and I am originally from Billings, but I have lived in Jefferson County for the past 16 years. For 15 of those years I lived in Boulder and recently moved to Montana City.  I spent three years on the Boulder Elementary School Board and served on the Policy, Transportation, and Curriculum committees.  During my time as a trustee, Boulder Elementary received the National Title 1 Association distinguished school recognition and was  one of only two schools in Montana to receive that recognition.  I think I can assist in developing the same policies and environment within Jefferson High School as well.  

As a former trustee, I think it is important to relay to the current Jefferson High staff I am not running for this position with an agenda.  I think we already have a very successful school and I plan on continuing and possibly refining the policies that have worked in the past. I believe in supporting the staff and superintendent in working towards a common goal while still maintaining accountability to the members of our community.  

I strongly believe in volunteering in the community that you benefit from living in.  That is why I have served several years on the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee and chaired it for two terms.  I also have coached for the Jefferson Little Guy wrestling program and am currently coaching for the Helena Wrestling Club as the Jefferson Little Guy Wrestling program was not allowed to practice in the high school due to COVID restrictions. 

The reason I am running for the Jefferson High School board is simple.  I have six kids that are in the Jefferson County education system and I believe it is my duty to ensure my kids and all the other children in Jefferson County have the highest chances for success as adults and the foundation for their future begins in education.  Montana’s most valuable resource is not our wonderful National Parks or the timber and natural resources we hold within the Treasure State, it is our children. Montanans consistently put out some of the best and brightest young adults with built-in work ethics. I look to continue to encourage this mentality amongst our youth to even further expand developing successful adults.

My introduction wouldn’t be complete if I did not address my stance on COVID-19.  Although I do understand the devastating effects it has had worldwide I strongly believe it is time we get things back to normal again.  This includes getting sporting events back to full capacity and giving our children all the opportunities we have had historically both academically and through athletics. I will be a vocal representative to our county health board to eliminate all COVID restrictions as it is truly best for our students. 

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to being a reliable representative for Jefferson County’s youth.

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