Details for Geologic Station Resident Manager: Cardwell

Geologic Station Resident Manager 

Indiana University Judson Mead Geologic Field Station - Cardwell, MT ($45,000-$50,000 Annually)

Role Highlights:

Manages building and property operations and maintenance.

Performs routine inspections of the IUGFS facilities and property.

Identifies and attends all EHS potential hazards that may pose challenges.

Identifies cleaning, maintenance, and repair needs that can be completed by IUGFS staff (including himself/herself) and implements a plan to complete the projects in the required timeframe.

Identifies maintenance and repair needs that require outside contractors, identifies contractors, secures quotes and manages the projects through to completion per IU requirements.

Facilitates oversight over the annual budget, including special funding request to the IUGFS Executive Director.

Submits both a 1-year and 5-year plan for repairs and improvements to the IUGFS Executive Director to set the future budgets and work plans.

Coordinates with local fire officials and INLOCC to ensure the long-term fire safety of IUGFS. Coordinates with IU Facilities Operations to ensure the facility meets IU standards.

Acts as the primary point of contact for EHS at IUGFS.

Manages seasonal staff, temporary staff, and procurement at IUGFS:

Responsible for procurement of food and supplies for groups using IUGFS.

Provides guidance to Licensed & Skilled Trades staff from Bloomington or other IU campuses doing work at IUGFS.

Hires and QCs work by local contractors doing work at IUGFS.

Is the primary interface between IU and many different groups in and around IUGFS

Responsible for ensuring that everybody visiting IUGFS for any purpose has a friendly and safe experience on the IU property.

Role qualifications:

Required: Bachelor’s degree in facilities management, project management, business operations, or a related field.

Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in geological sciences with previous work experience at IUGFS

Required: Some experience in facilities management, project management, business operations, or a related field.

Preferred: 5 years of experience in facilities management, project management, service business operations management, or a related field.



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